Monday, January 26, 2015

A Final Challenge - COURAGE

For us, our challenge this time is not one that is easily portrayed but is a challenge never the less.  Since our group began in 2011 under the mentorship of Diane Perin Hock, one of the Twelves, let's see what we've done.  In each of the collages below from upper left to lower right our challenges were; games, celebrate, tools, look up, balance, green, architecture, beginnings, blue, remnants, open, music, artistic license, mystery from Lisa, and process.

These were Beverly's offerings;

Brigitte's offerings;

Gina's offerings

Janet's offerings

Judy's offerings

Lisa's offerings

Vicki's offerings

Although Nicolette was not with us for long, these were her offerings

Such a wonderful compilation of creativity and artistry.  So the next challenge?  Hard to know what it will be.  You see, our little Tangled Textiles group will be untangling and heading off in different directions, pursuing paths that hopefully lead to their creative hearts' desires.  We have been stretched creatively and been amazed by what we have managed to produce in the short time that we have collaborated. It's been an inspiring 4 years.  It's always sad to see things end, however....

It's also a happy time.  We have formed friendships that have encouraged, supported and cajoled us into becoming confident fiber artists.  Happy because each of us will stretch our wings and take flight in whichever "updraft" comes along. It takes courage to strike out on unknown paths.

It takes courage to admit each of us is now ready for a change, a new path, a new adventure, and it takes courage to follow where it may lead.  We have come to know each other through our musings, creative stumbles, and artistic victories and have had the courage to share them here.  Your comments have been treasured.  We have reached a crossroad.  It's been quite a ride, hasn't it?   We invite you to follow us on our personal blogs as we go in different directions.  Our next challenge?  COURAGE to follow that path that is calling us.

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