Friday, October 21, 2011

The Words Remain

I started out with all kinds of different ideas – maybe some old fashioned or antique hand tools would be interesting?  And then I thought what about a plow horse – that could be considered an important tool for farmers of yore – that could be interesting.  But, with both of these, I just couldn’t find the right image to spark the rest of the design - I just wasn’t feeling it.  Then I thought about writers – words and letters are the tools of their trade.  This was starting to feel more like it!  With my first ideas, I was drawn to the way things used to be done.  This got me thinking about how tools have changed – things that used to be common place are no more.  Things change – progress, new ways and means and methods of doing things are developed.  A thought ran through my mind – “the tools may have changed, but the words remain.”  I just couldn’t shake this thought, and it was just what I needed.  My piece is a whole cloth linen quilt, with a thread sketched feather quill and inkwell, depicting the way it used to be done – an old tool.  The background is all quilted words, all written with my sewing machine – a new tool - but the words remain.

The Words remain

allover quilted writing

quilted words

Thread painted
Thread sketching


  1. You’ve given this theme so much thought!

    Love to read your take-off and to see the finished quilt. The phrase you used is so beautiful and I am impressed by all the free motion quilted words and the feather and inkwell! Congratulations, you nailed this theme!

  2. What a wonderful interpetation of tools, I'm glad you stuck with your idea of 'the tools may have changed but the words remain the same'. Your free motion words are incredible and I think the 'minimalism' of your design and color is so fitting and beautiful.

  3. Wow, you gave this tool theme a lot of thought. Your handiwork is beautiful!!!

  4. Like Beverly's piece, your interpretation of the tool theme goes much deeper than mere material things. I am fond of lettering in works of art and this really drives home the meaning you wanted to portray. The intense quilting around the pen and ink give them an embossed feeling.

  5. This is so, so, I haven't got any words (although you had lots) to describe it. It is so deep and thoughtful. I love the texture of the writing and the simple layout which conveys lots of meaning

  6. OMG! OMG! what a thoughtful, artistic piece. The detail of the lettering is impressive. In a close up view you even see how you exquistely created the quill and inkwell. OMG!

  7. I love the simplicity of the visual, and the complexity of the concept. That phrase will be forever imprinted on my mind!

    Your quilting, and how you use it to evoke a mood or an idea never ceases to amaze me. Words just aren't sufficient to express my emotional response to your piece.