Wednesday, February 13, 2013

remnants, remains and fossils


  1. A small remaining quantity of something.
  2. A piece of cloth or carpeting left when the greater part has been used or sold.


1. all that is left after other parts have been taken away, used up, or destroyed
2. a corpse
3. the unpublished writings of a deceased author
4. ancient ruins or fossils

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  1. The remains or impression of a prehistoric organism preserved in petrified form or as a mold or cast in rock: ‘sites rich in fossils’.
  2. derogatory. An antiquated or stubbornly unchanging person or thing: ‘he can be a cantankerous old fossil at times’.
I’ve discovered some amazing inspirational fossil pictures on the internet and this idea may lead to my remnants quilt!


Monday, February 11, 2013

Does size really matter?

Apparently it does matter when it comes to Subway's "Footlong"  subs (also known as hoagies, heros, grinders, submarine sandwiches).  Two men in New Jersey are among those who have recently filed suit with Subway because reportedly the "Footlong" subs they purchased are not 12 inches or 1 foot as they are marketed. Rather they are supposedly only 11 inches long!!!!!  
Obviously to these gentleman size really does matter!!!

But why am I telling you about this?

Well, the 9 quilties that I made for round one... 

My creations from the first round of Tangled Textiles challenges

are all the agreed upon 16 inches x 16 inches. 

Even my first quilt for our second round measures approximately :-)

Tangled Textiles, Challenge #9: blue

16 inches x 16 inches

as I begin to play with some ideas
for our next challenge, REMNANTS,
the first idea that came to mind may not work
in the 16"x16" format.

So I am wondering....
did we agree to maintain the same dimensional requirements
for our second round????

Or does size really matter???????