Sunday, December 18, 2011

Looking Up

Although I haven't gotten to the actual construction yet, I have been thinking about the next challenge.  I find it interesting that this challenge also easily relates to a body part that has been affecting me- my eyes!

I had cataract surgery about four years ago, and recently had to undergo a simple laser procedure to take care of a fairly common aftereffect- the sac that holds the lens also goes opaque.  I'd been noticing that my vision was getting more and more blurry, and even my glasses couldn't take care of it.  My contact only  made it worse- blurry vision looking through water!  I was relieved to find that it can be fixed fairly simply, and also to learn that the vision in my other eye had actually gotten less nearsighted.  So now I am back to glasses only, but I don't need to use them all the time, only when distance vision is important- like driving!

So I am thinking about how to portray this in my piece, hopefully without being too literal.  We shall see how successful I am.  I had so much fun with the mixed media approach last time, I will probably go there again.  Love playing with all those gel mediums and paints!

Monday, December 12, 2011

what's colour got to do with it?

I just thought I would post this as a little chrissy present. 
Dale Ann Potter has a feature on her blog called Friday Colour Inspiration.
Now "what" - I can hear you ask "has colour got to do with it?".
Well if you look at the little pictures she provides each week, and this is also true of  3 Creative Studios (Oh, I will miss them) colour palettes - they are an example of something called a

Look up Table  (or colour palette)

Here is also a link to this topic in Wikipedia.
I researched this as one of my ideas, but I will not be using this as I have finally sketched something up last night.  You are all welcome to use it!!!
Merry Christmas all