Monday, December 12, 2011

what's colour got to do with it?

I just thought I would post this as a little chrissy present. 
Dale Ann Potter has a feature on her blog called Friday Colour Inspiration.
Now "what" - I can hear you ask "has colour got to do with it?".
Well if you look at the little pictures she provides each week, and this is also true of  3 Creative Studios (Oh, I will miss them) colour palettes - they are an example of something called a

Look up Table  (or colour palette)

Here is also a link to this topic in Wikipedia.
I researched this as one of my ideas, but I will not be using this as I have finally sketched something up last night.  You are all welcome to use it!!!
Merry Christmas all


  1. This reminds me of an exercise we had to do back in color theory class, painting using little blocks of color just like these pixels only our palette was limited to black/greys and white. I like this idea of taking a photo and converting it to a color scheme.

  2. This is an interesting Vicki. I read a bit more on Wikipedia, which was very technical, but after a second read, I caught on. This reminded me that there is a site similar to 3 creative studios' and Dale Potter's at that also shows palettes.

  3. now that has my thought process going off in a totally new direction! My photographer husband was just talking about this concept with a friend the other day, but that didn't jump start my brain the way seeing these images with their colour palettes has. There are so many options to look up for look up!

  4. I’ve used this often in my graphic design work, but I would never have guessed it has something to do with Look Up... So funny!