Wednesday, May 21, 2014


..All good things come to she who waits!

spring has finally arrived in upstate NY!!!

The apple trees are blossoming!

Our grass is filled with dandelions!

The Hosta plants are unfurling in our front garden.

But more importantly, 
you all waited (hopefully with great patience) 
for the next challenge!!!

Yes, it is my turn to propose the theme of our challenge.
I have been thinking about possible ideas for a while now, 
(anticipating  waaaaay in advance)
and then all of a sudden, it was my turn and I wasn't quite ready!

I applaud my fellow "Tangled Textile-ers" who managed to wait patiently
not knowing exactly when the announcement would occur
and what exactly they were waiting for!

Each "Tangled Textile-er" should have received a 5"x 7" manila envelope...

(Vicki's package had the longest journey....
so I mailed it first, about 2 weeks ago-
hopefully, it arrived in time and it wasn't opened until today!!!)

If you haven't received an envelope from me, 
it should be  there any day now!!

Inside each manila envelope, 
I have enclosed a letter ..

and a small wrapped package...

What does the letter say, you ask?

and what was in that package you ask?

Oh..... a little bit of this and a little bit of that....

There are three small charms - a leaf, a butterfly, and a frog 
and a few small pieces of various fibers.

And the yellowish looking fabric beneath 
is not really all yellow!

I spent a weekend hand dyeing a couple of yards of fabric
which I cut into 1/4 yards!
I had actually thought about snow dyeing some fabric 
but didn't get myself organized in time
which is hard to believe since this winter was incredibly long!

But here is a small collage
detailing my techniques (and I use that term loosely )
that transpired on the garage floor...


After the 'curing', rinsing, washing and drying, 
the fabrics came out looking like this...

 (photo taken outside)

 (photo taken inside)
with a close up of some of the changes in color...

now you must use at least some of the fabric 
and at least one of the charms
(and maybe a bit of the fibers)
in your challenge #14 quilt!

You choose the theme!!!

in the interest of my sanity, 
I am going to suggest that 
we be prepared to post our finished 16" x 16"
challenge quilts on August 24th (subject to change if need be!)