Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reasons to look up

How can Alice do anything but LOOK UP when she is in this situation? 
 The picture I wanted to show you was actually Alice looking up over the toadstool at the caterpillar, but I couldn't find this scene in the public domain. 
I am sure there are lots of other situations in stories where characters are in a looking up situation, but Alice was the one I thought of first.


  1. cute! glad you are keeping us thinking!

  2. Good brainstorming! I'd never have thought of Alice in Wonderland .... I'll keep looking .... UP

  3. I’ve never read Alice in Wonderland. Love the idea!

  4. Wow Vicki, what a wonderful way of "Looking". Nicolette, if you get the chance you should read Alice in Wonderland. Actually that brings to mind the poem Jabberwocky. Anyone else?

  5. What an innovative approach to looking up!!
    The Jabberwocky poem was a favorite in our household when I was growing up. My sister memorized it and we all went around quoting at least part of the poem when the mood struck us.

  6. There was actually a quilt made by a canadian quilter which was called through the looking glass and had jabberwocky applique and painted etc on it in reverse