Thursday, February 23, 2012


I finally came up with an idea for our challenge.
I even made a sketch!!

Now I am thinking of using these...

(I have a new iPhone camera up...BeFunky... which is loads of fun!)

my collection of threads I use for hand applique!

Am I crazy!!!??? 

Can I get it done in time!!!???
I have no idea!
But I hope so.


  1. No idea is too far out. Go with it. I can hardly wait to see your results!

  2. Fun, did your camera make it rain on your basket?! Of course you can get it done in time'll make any adjustments as needed!

  3. I love the distressed look on the basket photo!
    WE are taliking about you - Lisa, aren't we?
    You are always finished early and I have no doubt this time you'll be fine

  4. Well this is intriguing Lisa! Hmmm...spools of thread and "balance" you've got me curious. Could it be a leaning tower? You can make it on time!