Sunday, July 8, 2012

Still constructing

I see that we are very quiet.  Could it be that we are still trying to find inspiration for our theme?  I know that I am still constructing.  I tried to figure out how to incorporate turrets in my piece.

Triangles may do it, but I'd like to be able to create a piece that doesn't rely on buildings to represent the theme.

Then I thought of arches.  I googled images of arches and came up with pictures like this.

This is "Delicate Arch" in the Utah state park guessed it Arches National Park.  This could be considered Mother Nature's architecture.

Then I thought of gargoyles, those impressive grotesque figures that jut out from some buildings.

These are on Windsor Castle.  But again associated with buildings.  Well those are some thoughts, but I'd best get something started so that there will be something for me to reveal on August 15th.


  1. Lovely reflections Brigitte! Keep up the spirits! Love the Arch!

    I’m not even close to having decided on what to make, though I have lots of ideas. The most difficult part in the challenges for me is how to execute my ideas into a quilt.

  2. the architecture in the first photo is amazing!!!

  3. more inspiration - overload!!! I've not finalized my idea, and keep changing my mind.

  4. ACK so many ideas... so little time. Thanks for reminding me to start moving on my project!

  5. So many ways to go! I have a plan in my head but no where near a physical start.

  6. Luckily, I have already started my piece, because with so many ideas going around, I would be totally wrecked for choice. I found something in my sketchbook which did the job and had already been planned out.