Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Alphabet Soup!!!!!

My recipe....

starts with a word game for inspiration...

the puzzle that will become Alphabet Soup
(I looooove word games!)

and then....

How I made Alphabet Soup

1.Mix glue and water, place freezer paper on flat surface (ie floor)
2. Rip up tissue paper
3. Cut up a crossword puzzle book
4. Glue down tissue paper and crossword pieces onto muslin background
5. Create paper cloth (a la Kelli Nina Perkins)
6. Create a grid on freezer paper
7. Lay grid on paper cloth
8. and 9. Use a variety of mixed media (including Lutradur, Transfer
Artist Paper, painted fabric, hand dyed fabric,
diluted fabric paint, rubber stamps,
water soluble crayons, stencils, paintstiks, punches,
paper cloth remnants, painted baby wipes, stitching)...
and create ~1 inch alphabet squares (121 of them)
10. Make a mess!!!!
 11. and 12. Fill up the grid with the letter squares and then adhere with gel medium
13. Remove grid and stitch around all the letters (that takes about 3 hours!!!)
14. and 15. Quilt the words from the Word Search
16. Bind quilt with painted muslin

and then,
you have Alphabet Soup!!!!

Alphabet soup done!

Now I'm ready for Round #2!!!!


  1. what fun! This is great - we seam to have a word game theme coming through! I love seeing and reading your full process. Hmmmm a few things I still have to try!

  2. My oh my! How labor intensive, but what fun the end result is. What a coincidence that we both used group members names in our creations. I am impressed by the variety of letters and your mixed media techniques.

  3. since i know judy and nicolette are out there crossing comments with me, I will begin by saying I love it! Wow! how many different, and I mean different ideas we all have. When I first knew you were making a puzzle, I couldn't work out how you would do it. I love the style of it, every square so different and quirky. Good on you!
    PS. It is 1am on Thursday here, but even though it was the 15th first here, I am going to be last as I am still going.

  4. Thanks for sharing the whole process (ehhh recipe!) Lisa. This looks totally fantabulous! I guess I have 16 more things to try out on list now!

  5. Great quilt and love all the techniques you used! And your computer skills are awesome too - how did you create that cool chart of photos?

  6. Oh! How fun! What a delightful response to this theme -- and a great way to incorporate the word games you love with fiber art! The color and grid work great.

  7. What a fun way to depict the challenge and a game that you love at the same time. All the different techniques that you used intrigue me. Like Gina, how did you manage to get the photo array of your receipe?

  8. Labor intensive indeed, but the result is worth it! The colors make it sing, and pull me in to look closer.

  9. Oh lIsa I think you have done a wonderful job for this challenge. I can see me sitting there doing this search a word and isn't that what it is all about. Thank you for the tutorial and I know you said it was time consuming but well worth it. You put us right there doing this puzzel, congratulations!