Friday, June 17, 2011

Round Two

So now that we all have the first challenge under our belts, I guess we are ready for our second.  We have had time to celebrate our first results.   Actually we all have a lot to celebrate.  We can celebrate life; the birth of a child, reaching a goal, surpassing a milestone, a birthday and so much more.  We can celebrate our willingness to encourage each other, celebrate our diversity and best of all celebrate our everyday blessings. 

So have you got the idea yet?  Yes the next theme is "CELEBRATE".  The Oxford dictionary defines the word celebrate this way:

  • publicly acknowledge (a significant or happy day or event) with a social gathering or enjoyable activity:they were celebrating their wedding anniversary at a swanky restaurant; she celebrated with a glass of champagne; wildlife campaigners celebrated after their victory 

  • perform (a religious ceremony), in particular officiate at (the Eucharist):  he celebrated holy communion

  • Honour or praise publicly:  a film celebrating the actor's career

  • So there you have some thoughts to help you get started.  Let's keep the size the same as the last one, 16 x 16 inches.  Oh yes the reveal date....  Let's make that August 18th.


    1. I love how you introduced our next theme, great intro! Wow, lots to consider/brainstorm with 'celebrate'. This will be another fun and exciting challenge, thanks Brigitte!

    2. alright! That's a good one Brigitte! My mind is already buzzing with a couple of ideas - not sure if that is good or bad! I love how you introduced this one, too! Oh you ladies are doing a great job of keeping us on our toes!

    3. This is a great theme too Brigitte! Thanks for the lovely introduction! This will give us something to think about for the next couple of days, weeks....!

    4. yes, already have some ideas on this one, thanks brigitte let's get going!

    5. Wow! everyone's mind is buzzing and mine is blank LOL! Thanks for a great post! I had better get thinking!

    6. This pretty well sums up where we are at the moment:

      "We're all here at the same time and we should celebrate that."
      George Weinberg

      "I love any and all situations where you celebrate creativity."
      Brad Paisley

    7. As you start on your second challenge.... loved the reveal of the games quilts,but... would love to see them together in a group... to see the contrast in methods and interpretation.

    8. Wow just a wonderful idea Brigitte. And the reveal date is good too. I have to agree there is much to celebrate and I have an idea but will kick it around and then decide. But right now to finish my first and get it posted...thank you for the wonderful introduction to our second challenge.