Saturday, July 2, 2011

Good Morning everyone

Wow I am just blown away by all of your art quilts. I really hope mine will fit in. They are all wonderful and I finally just said that this is it I am going to take this weekend and finsh mine up and take a look at everyone's individually and I am so glad I did they are all awesome and I do not know if mine will be able to live up to all of yours.
I am feeling better and I can see windows now and do have my tables up in my sewing room and told DH that I was going to just take this weekend and finish mine so I can start the new challenge.
The plans for my son's wedding are coming along, thank God we did not have to do much but I do feel for Sam's Mom because I know what it is like to have a daughter who wants everthing hand made and home cooked etc. They will be getting married next Saturday the 9th at the lake so please keep your fingers crossed that the weather turns out wonderful for them.
Well I just wanted to touch base with everyone and to let you all know that hopefully I will be able to post my pic soon and move on. I feel very fortunate to be in a group of such wonderful art quilters that are up to challenging themselves because that is what I want to do with myself and there is no better inspiration then other members committed to that also. For those celebrating the holiday I hope you all have a wonderful one and those that are not have a terrific weekend. It is so wonderful to be back and not unpacking and moving and all that "stuff"...enjoy!


  1. Hi Sharon, so good to see your post and all the comments on the games quilts posts!
    I can imagine it is not easy to work on a challenge when the others already finished theirs, but I’m sure your quilt be as fabulous as those from the other members! I hope you will be able to work on your games quilt like you planned, but please, no stress!!

  2. Sharon, wonderful to hear that things are coming along for you! Of course your quilt will fit in! You're part of this group of, dare I say it, art quilters. (giggle) glad to have you back.

  3. Sharon, Great to have you back. I don't think there is any fitting in to do. I think that your quilt will be you - And we all know you fit in. You are part of us now.