Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Gray Day celebration

With the rain pounding down and it looking like there is no end in sight, I decided to check on some of the blogs I have been following.  I have to give a celebratory "Shout Out".

I just spent some time over at the Twelve by Twelve site browsing their recent reveal of "gray" quilts.  If you are at all interested in stretching your quilting talents, you've just got to vist this website before it is gone.  There is so much inspiration there and it shows just what quilters working together can do despite the miles between them.  They spoke of their last Colour Play challenge "orange" and this appears to be the end of a wonderful ride for them. 

If this is to be the last challenge for them, let's wish each of them well and periodically visit their individual blogs to see what artistic creation they are each developing.


  1. I was eager to see how the twelves handled gray and they pulled it off again. It has been fun to see their artistic talents develop over the past several years. I will definitely miss their group challenges but will continue to follow their individual blogs.

  2. "Orange" is the last of the colorplay series challenges. One challenge for this series from each of the 12 of us. This is NOT the end of the group or the website or the blog! We just haven't decided exactly where we will go from here, but none of us are ready to walk away from this wonderful group. Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so thrilled that you have found inspiration in our project and work.