Friday, September 16, 2011

A spider's web

The other day Lisa posted a picture of the most beautiful spider's web (here) and one of the comments was that a spider's web might be a tool for catching prey.
This got me thinking along two lines:
The first one was that webs have been made by us for catching things for thousands of years.
Fishing nets
butterfly nets
safety net
I suppose the INTERNET is a net for capturing surfers!
In math, a net is a two dimensional representation of a three dimensional object (Translate representation as "tool for understanding")
In our brain, we have a neural net.....for capturing ideas
OMG, there are nets everywhere!

After all of that, perhaps I had better leave my other idea for a few days, if my neural net is working that is.


  1. Or maybe the internet is a tool used by surfers.

  2. I like how you've brainstormed the 'net' as 'tool'!