Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tools Sneak Peek

I have started my next piece, and am feeling rather good about where it is headed so far.  Here's your sneak look at what I've done thus far.  I expect it will look very different by the end!!

I am learning more about my design processes, and what works well for me in this group.  At lot of my initial work goes on in my head.  I've been thinking about this one for the past two or three weeks, and doing a bit of research also.  I've tried using sketchbooks as part of that process, but it just doesn't work well for me.  So I'll stick with what does.

And can I say that I have loved the words we have come up with so far?  They have multiple layers of meaning, and can be interpreted in a variety of ways.  I have enjoyed every one of them.

No more work on this one until next weekend, I am gone all week on a business trip.  But I will be working on it in my head!!


  1. I like your fabric collection. Sort of rusty and metal looking. I am eager to see your results.

  2. cool fabrics! It sounds like my design process is similar to yours - I just don't feel creative when I'm trying to capture things in a journal, I'm much more seat of my pants!

  3. The fabrics are great! Some of your lovely dyeing? My main reson for journalling is so I can remember what it was I wanted to do, I am so forgetful!

  4. Oooo I really like the colours that are showing in your fabrics and threads. Can hardly wait to see what the end result is. As for process, I'm still working out what my process the moment the seem to be kinda like an "epiphany" with a bit of "tweak" thrown in.

  5. Brigette, these are lovely colors!