Sunday, January 15, 2012

Looking Up: The Eyes (don't have it anymore!)

The Eyes (don't have it anymore!)
16 X 16
Oh, I thought it would work.  The temptation to use my recent experience with my cataract and laser treatment was too much.  I thought I had a good idea- depict the blurred vision with blurred words, the halos of light I saw, especially when driving.  Then, for good measure, I thought I'd give a nod to what I see every day when I look up with my use of line and color.  Ah yes, it all seemed like a good inspiration.

But it has never come together in a way that works for me, and the more I tried to salvage it, the more I realized my idea Just Wouldn't Work.  And I had no other ideas or last minute inspirations.  So there you have it, a learning experience but NOT a piece I will be putting out there after this!!

I constructed it very similar to the last challenge, although it has lots less paint.  And I did learn some new tricks- like, how to blur text in PSE and how to do a gel medium transfer.

So there you have it, a learning experience on a piece that just didn't come together the way I'd originally envisioned and hoped.

I am ready to move on!


  1. it may not have turned out the way you had hoped, but I find it to be a very interesting and intriguing piece. I like the colours and the blurry words and then the clarity at the top. I quite like the depth with the eyes in there - sometimes they come forward at me and some times they recede - like my own eyes trying to focus!

  2. Oh Beverly, I disagree with you. I think this piece really does portray a sense of vision, both blurred and clear. I love what you have done with this piece. Like Janet, I like the way the eyes come in and out of focus for me. I also like the angles that you created by changing colours and value. Job well done!!

  3. I agree, it may not look as you had invisioned it but you've created a very intriguing piece that really draws the viewer in. I especially like the effect of the haols, they interact so well with the pyramids. There's lots going on that keeps one very engaged ... I like what you've created.

  4. I think that we all find it difficult to see our work as others do. Like the others, I find the layers and depth in this piece intriguing. The way that the different colours affect the clarity of the image of the eye is a clear message about your problems and once you have been drawn in by this, you begin to look around and see the words. I love this Beverly

  5. Having an eye condition myself, I absolutely get this quilt Beverly! Sometimes it’s difficult to step back and have an objective look at our work. You have worked the halos of light into the quilt brilliantly!

  6. I know how it feels to be disappointed about one's creations. However even if what you intended does not match the final result, this piece is full of color, texture and movement. It does not seem flat, but seems three dimensional. I almost get the feeling of a pyramid. I think it is a great success!

  7. Sometimes it's hard to let go of the image we have in our heads of what we WANT to make, and it's clear that that has discouraged you with this piece. However, as I don't know what is in your head, all I have is this wonderful fiber piece -- and I think it's very strong. Even without knowing what you were trying to depict, I think you've used shapes and lines and colors and value very well to create a visually exciting piece. It makes me want to keep looking at it and wondering what is going on in it. Isn't that what good art is about, making the viewer want to keep looking? I think it's fabulous!

    1. Thank you, Diane. So I am taking deep breath, stepping back, and will try to let go of the image I thought I had in my head. I think it will take a vacation on the corner of my design wall, and I will give it some time to marinate, so to speak. Thanks to all of you for being specific about what you think makes it a strong piece. I will keep your feedback in mind when I revisit it after awhile.

  8. What a great abstract design! And good color. Definitely a TEN.

  9. Wow - Hey! Maybe it's not what you envisioned, but it's FANSTASTIC. :D