Sunday, January 15, 2012

Two-two-two quilts in one!

It reminds me of this....

I found this particular round tricky to get going.

For one thing, I was feeling blue and in a real creative funk for a bit..
but I treated myself to Rayna's book...

and I decided to make some therapy strips into blocks...

and before I knew it...

Tangled Textiles, challenge #4, "looking up"
(the quilt back now!)

things were looking up!!!!

So that got me in the mood to play!

I started looking through the myriad of photos that I have 
downloaded to my albums on Picasa.

Hubby and I enjoy a good hike up Prospect Mountain nearby
and I had taken some wonderful photos looking up at the moonshine
atop the mountain
looking down at Lake George 
and the village below.

Tangled Textiles, challenge #4, "looking up"

This is my first painted quilt

Tangled Textiles, challenge #4, "looking up"

and also one of the first times that I have embellished with fibers too.

Tangled Textiles, challenge #4, "looking up"


  1. That is fabulous Lisa - I love the back as much as the front. Things are looking up all over! Your moon and quilting really appeal to me.

  2. Lisa you have made two wonderful quilts, back and front!
    Love the quilting in the moon landscape. Fabulous translation of the Look Up theme!

  3. Oh Lisa this is wonderful. There is such a sense of freedom in your quilting lines, like you truly had fun playing. I looks like you quilted the back and from separately before putting them together. What were some of the fibres you used?

  4. Wow, two great quilts! And such a fun post too, thanks for the memories with the fun video.

  5. Isn't Rayna's book a fun way to jump start the muse when she's taken a leave of absence!

    Love how the piece is not a literal picture of your photo, but a wonderful abstraction. And your back is great too!!

  6. Lisa, this has a lot of atmosphere. The quilting and thread painting add so much depth. abstracting is something I am trying to master, but I find it very hard, you seem to be extremely good at it. I also has rayna's book, but have really only flicked through it. I will have to go back and read it more fully

  7. I admire, your relaxed, free flowing interpretation of your photos and your experience.

    Thanks for the tip about Rayna's book. I will definitely check it out.

  8. Oh my! The abstract, loose, and happy energy in this suggests that "looking up" really worked for you. I really like how you've used paint and stitch to create a scene that is recognizable but abstract too. I hope you'll email Rayna and tell her how her book helped you on this path!