Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nature's Little Architects

When Nicolette announced this theme, my first thought was to depict a well-known building or bridge.  But naw, I wanted something to add to the challenge of the theme.  Okay call me crazy.  So then I thought about using a landmark…that’s a structure right?  I thought about several possibilities and considered Stonehenge might work.  A friend had suggested it when she learned that I was having trouble picking something.

My epiphany came while watching a nature program about bees.  No I’m not inclined to watch nature programs.  I was channel surfing and there was nothing else worth watching... but I digress.  At one point the announcer said “watch nature’s little architects busily working within the hive…” That was all it took. 

So here is my depiction of the architecture of the inside of a hive with the  “little architects” busy at their construction.

I was at a bit of a loss on how to create the little critters, but some felt, angelina and embroidery floss did the trick.  Here is a close up of the bees.
During this challenge I learned some valuable lessons.  Besides the lesson "start earlier" I also learned to experiment a lot more with various "supplies" to achieve the look I was attempting to portray.  Stitching through fused fabric by hand was not an easy task; another lesson.  Final lesson learned...your quilt really does tell you what it needs, if you only listen. 

I ready to listen to what the next quilt is going to tell me.


  1. this is great Brigitte - a neat take on architects, and your bees look so perfect. Fabulous gradation on your beehive yellows.
    (I, for one, like watching nature programs - I'm always picking up little bits if useless information!)

  2. What a creative approach!! The gradation of fabrics in the hive is very effective and the realistic bees are perfect.

  3. Brigitte I love your take on the architecture theme and the angle in which you’ve placed the beehive. Those bees are amazingly real!!
    (I love to watch nature programmes...!)

  4. You win the prize for imagination! I love your interpretation and the colours and patterns are so vibrant.

  5. Wow, Brigette! I love your interpretation of the theme! I adore those bees!!!!!! What a happy quilt!

  6. I love that bit of the story where you heard “watch nature’s little architects busily working within the hive…”! What a fabulous job of creating the beehive and the bees themselves! Wonderful colour choices for your gradation and just that tiny tilt to the hive creates a perfect touch of movement for piece that would not otherwise have movement. Super!

  7. Brigitte, your interpretation is original, and your execution of it is flawless. I love the color gradation- did you fuse the little octagon pieces of fabric to a background? Your bees look great- all in all, this quilt just made me smile!