Monday, August 20, 2012

The beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning

Either way, the next challenge is


I thought of this a few months ago and decided that it was interesting and pretty wide ranging.
This was a quote I saw on pinterest and really sums up the topic, I think.  It also hints at cycles.  You can't have a beginning without an end, can you?
Some of the ideas I thought of were symbols like spirals, and cycles which always mean beginnings to me.  Like this.

and this

and this

I thought of fossils from long ago, like this

The tree of life, like this

Cells, the beginning of life, like this.

This image really summed it up. A bEGGinning, lol

I saw these japanese Kanji symbols for 'beginning'

Seeds and sprouts come to mind

And of course it could be the beginning of anything - even a quilt!

a new day

the beginning of an idea

here are a few more ideas, lol

Well, that's a lot of links!  but it's a big subject!
Most of these images are saved in my pinterest board 'beginnings' and I have emailed you an invite in case you want to look.  Just ignore it if you don't.

Have a great time thinking up your spin on things.

oh, I forgot, how about the  24th of october?


  1. I love themes that can be interpreted multiple ways, and this one definitely fits that bill. The 24th works great for me, gives me a little bit of time after my road trip in September! Thanks, Vicki!

  2. Another fun theme Vicki with an open ending and so many ways to interpret! I think I already know where this is going to take me!! 24th of October is fine!! Thanks for all the links!

  3. This is certainly an interesting theme with so many possibilities. Your links are most inspiring. October 24 is good.

  4. oh boy! This is another good theme - love all the directions we can take with it! I enjoyed those inspiration links, too. So many options...

  5. An inspiring set of links to begin our "beginnings". Sorry; just couldn't resist the word play Vicki! This theme has so many possibilities and will definitely stretch my muse. October 24th works for me just fine. Off to do some research.

  6. Wow,lots of ideas are possible with this one! Thanks for the inspiration start with all these great links. Again I may need most of our allowed time to brainstorm and plan!

  7. I like the theme. Your initial quote comes from "Closing Time" by Semisonic....