Monday, October 15, 2012

I am finally ready to....

Cutting it close, as usual!


  1. good for you - this one has had me changing my mind all over - finally got started, too, now, do I have time to finish?

    1. Janet, I have started and stopped several times!

  2. Kudos Lisa! I had my idea all set, got behind and now have to change my piece so I can get it done. I'll be cutting it close too! VERY CLOSE!!

  3. Good for you. Mine is nearly finished, but it was something I was already doing that gave me one of those serendipity moments and changed into my piece. Very lucky for me as I have been laid up for a week with a bad back again, and this time I couldn't even hand sew! So it will be close for me too, after all that.

  4. Good for you Lisa!

    I started and stopped a gazillion times in my mind. Now I’m on track and nearly finished. Phew!

  5. I made a late start too but should make it through the finish line on time!