Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Beginning at the End....

Just like some of the previous challenges, challenge #8 presented itself with many challenges!

This time around, I had soooooo many starts and stops that I didn't even bother to photograph them! And by the time I finally settled on an idea, I just got to work and didn't bother to photograph the various steps to my final piece!!!!

While searching the internet for ideas and googling images of beginning, I came across a photo of a little plant beginning to grow from a crack in the sidewalk. As well, I was searching for an appropriate quote on beginning to help me get started.

So, I got busy cutting freezer paper with an exacto knife and used Shiva paintstiks
to fill in my hand lettered stencil, 

I added some hand applique and piecing....

Tangled Textiles challenge #8: The Beginning

and a bunch of quilting and some textile paints.....

"The Beginning".....

Tangled Textiles challenge #8: The Beginning

I had used some pebble quilting interspersed with leaves but didn't like the look of it-- too late
to make another attempt at this challenge, 
so I started painting in the leaves with Jacquard Lumiere paint
and just kept going, probably went a little overboard!

It is hard to believe that we have had eight challenges already!
I have enjoyed getting to know all these wonderful ladies,
learning from them and myself,
 and pushing my fiber art skills to their limits and back!!!!



  1. I like all those painted leaves! I knew this one was your as soon as I saw it, your whimsical style comes through loud and clear. And all that quilting adds lovely texture.

  2. I love this, with the quote and darling sprouting plant popping up out of your quilting lines! I like all those leaves and your pebble quilting too.

  3. OH, Lisa, I love this one. I think I saw a very similar picture in my research, too , but never went on with it. The stencilling is really quirky and just makes it! As Beverly said this is soo You. I actually love the pebble quilting, as it makes the painted parts pop. Great work, Lisa.

  4. Your falling leaves are great and the lettering interspersed with the pebble quilting is most effective.

  5. Your falling leaves are great and the lettering interspersed with the pebble quilting is most effective.

  6. Oh Lisa, Beverly and Vicki are so right. This is so you! You may have had lots of starts and stops, but this final stop is terrific! The quote by Plato is also very appropriate. Beginning IS the most important part. the technique that you used to get your lettering is something I'm going to have to try sometime.

  7. I’m so glad to see your fabulous handwriting in this quilt. I love it Lisa! Plato’s quote is one to remember!

  8. great quote! without the beginning, there won't be anything else. I really like your lettering, and the sprout making it's beginning through the hard sidewalk is a great metaphor for how I struggled with this challenge. Love your quilting, and the addition of the paint on the leaves is perfect. I really really like this one!