Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Aaaaand... the bell rings!!!


Round one is officially over!!!
 We have had eight (yes, 8!!!) challenges!!!

 Tangled Textiles, challenge #8: Beginning 

This last challenge featured a really eclectic mix of art work!

 Stay tuned to see what happens next at Tangled Textiles!!!


  1. Dong! That’s a quick mosaic and when I look at it I need to start something with COLOURS!

  2. Thanks Lisa for getting that up so quickly. I jsut spent a few quick seconds looking at all the other mosaics and hmmmm.....you can really begin to see the artistic "voice" in each one of us.

  3. You are so fast and so good Lisa! I always love seeing all of our pieces all together like this - I love the variety we come up with.