Sunday, November 4, 2012

Here We Go Again!

The Tangled Textile group is off on a new round of challenges.  It falls to me to come up with the first one in the second round, and I have spent the weekend trying to come up with a good one.  It was easy the first time, I knew already what I wanted to do!  This time, not so easy.  I spent over a hour last night reading through a children's dictionary (well, I had college football on too!)  I have a laundry list of possibilities, if any other members are interested when the task of choosing the challenge comes their way.

In the end, I chose one that can be interpreted using one of  the several meanings, or as a color study.  Our next challenge is. . . . .


My children's dictionary defines blue as 

1. The color in the rainbow between green and violet; the color of a clear daytime sky

2. Out of the blue: suddenly and unexpectedly

3. Low in spirits; melancholy.

Then there are all those things that have the word blue as part of their name: blueprint, blues music, bluegrass music, bleu cheese, blue jay, blue bird, bluebottle fly, blueberry, bluebell flower, blue whale.

If none of those float your boat, there is always blue in a color study!  Think turquoise, clear sky blue, vivid royal blue, pastel powder blue.

There didn't seem to be any consensus about the size, so I've left it at 16 by 16.  Maybe in some of the next eight challenges, we can experiment with a rectangular size.  I hope to see lots of discussion and works in progress over the next two and a half months!


  1. Such a great theme Beverly! Thanks! This theme has a lot of potential!

  2. Ooo! Beverly, blue is "cool". The possibilities you mentioned seem endless. Now just to pick one and work out the kinks. And....I'm off!

  3. yay! we're off! time to get my thinking cap on!

  4. Fun choice!
    The sky is perfectly blue. The clouds are perfect too. And here I am with you, what could be more right?~ Winnie The Pooh

  5. AH, blue, mmm, blue..... but as you say, there are lots of things with blue in their name - bluebottle comes to mind, lol. Needless to say I have plenty of blue in my stash and this is the perfect pportunity to use them. Thanks, Beverly

  6. Perfect pick, so many possibilities, it will take me two of the 2 1/2 months to get through my brainstorming! Where is my sketchbook?.....