Saturday, November 10, 2012

Blue Period

Renate's post brought this to mind - Picasso and his blue periodIt  looks like we will be in good, artistic company with our "blue" challenge. Images from: Wiki PaintingsVisual Art Encyclopedia

Picasso and S. Junier-Vidal sitting near Celestina - Pablo Picasso
Picasso and S. Junier-Vidal sitting near CelestinaPablo Picasso, 1904

Rouen Cathedral, Magic in Blue - Claude Monet
Rouen Cathedral, Magic in Blue - Claude Monet, 1894

Blue Calligraphic Lines on Dark Blue - Jiro Yoshihara
Blue Calligraphic Lines on Dark Blue - Jiro Yoshihara, 1963

Music Pink and Blue II - Georgia O'Keeffe
Music Pink and Blue II - Georgia O'Keeffe


  1. I had been thinking along these lines (as well as many others)It seems blue is a very expressive colour in art.

  2. Picasso's blue period has been in my mind as well - several ideas brewing...

  3. Wow Judy! Great research to add to the brainstorming ideas.

  4. There’s a lot about blue in art. I found my essay and it has 64 pictures of blue paintings or paintings related to blue in it. Will post about it shortly!

    I’ve also been thinking about blue jeans/denim. There’s a whole story behind the blue workmen’s clothes!