Sunday, November 11, 2012

Something blue

Since we are all posting about where we go for inspiration and what we do, I thought I would post about where I am up to with BLUE.
I have been researching about blue and blue things and have a huge bank of pictures to inspire me.  Some will end up as sketches, and some of these will make their way to fabric.  One of them might even end up being my challenge piece. 
Here is a peek into my sketchbook. This is one of the images I have in mind, but may come to naught.
This is a blue winged kookaburra, or kingfisher as we call them.  It has lots of texture and it is a blue animal!  Gina recently photographed a kingfisher on her blog and I commented that ours were blue down here, so this is what they look like.
I can see lots of organza and other fabrics in this one, and I will probably have a go, but it's very early days yet and I have a lot of sketching to do, still.
I find that as I sketch my ideas, I think of ways to create them in fabric and stitch, so it is a good method for me, although if you check my blog, it sometimes is not neccesary and the design come just from playing.  Playing-Imagine that!  lol


  1. It sounds like it will be fun!

  2. it will be lovely! I was thinking about Blue Jays - how different they are on the west coast of Canada from those I grew up with on the east coast. They may find their way into my piece

  3. Then of course there are the Blue Jays baseball team...a different kind fo blue jay (LOL)

  4. Blue birds is a great theme too! I had no idea there are so many different ones!

  5. I am very partial to coloured birds, sice we have so many in Australia.