Monday, November 26, 2012

Blue jeans

jeans quilt at the National Quilt Guild exhibition in Leiden in 2011

In one of my comments on previous posts I talked about blue jeans. I did some research and I already discovered some fun facts. To my surprise I saw an item on TV about an exhibition that’s called Blue Jeans which was opened at one of our museums last week.

This is the link to the Centraal Museum in Utrecht and the exhibition. Needless to say that I hope to go there for some more inspiration.

However, I do have other ideas brewing as well.



  1. Isn't it interesting that no matter how faded blue jeans get, they are still always called blue jeans. Some of those jeans are almost white aren't they?

  2. Oh I like this quilt Nicolette! I hope you get to see the exhibition. (and yes 'Renate', it is funny how we call them blue jeans even when they become white ... I think we also says things like "I bought some new blue jeans but they are black jeans")

  3. wow, how lucky for you to have this inspiration nearby!