Sunday, November 25, 2012

Blue- paint or not?

In the spirit of being less secretive and showing more of the process, I'm presenting my first design conundrum with the next challenge.  I used a common phrase with the word blue as my starting point, and a piece of my hand dyed fabric fit the bill perfectly.  I'm going for a misty, mysterious effect, and thought I could get it with thread.  I'm considering adding a light layer of metallic paint to part of this- what do you think?  The metallic thread adds the sparkle I wanted, but it is a hard edge and I'd like to soften it up some.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend- and those in the US, that you enjoyed the long Thanksgiving weekend surrounded by family and friends.  With my husband having foot surgery the day before the holiday, and only three of us being at home for the big dinner- we chose to go out.  It did make for a much more relaxing holiday, although we are missing the leftovers!

I'm hoping to see more posting as we get closer to the challenge deadline.  I have to get this one done early, because I know our house is going to be utterly chaotic after Christmas, in addition to the normal holiday chaos.  But more about that later-  have a good week, everyone!


  1. That’s a lovely sneak peek and you are so right to get it done early with all the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season coming!

    Beverly, I was wondering about the actual reveal date, because I can’t find it in the Blue theme post.

  2. Hey Beverly metallic paint may soften the hard line fo the thread, but have you considred using tulle? I've seen that done and if applied sparingly, gives a misty look. You might also try using some wool roving.

  3. The thread sketching has softened the edges a little, but I wouldn't add any more. Perhaps you could use some wool roving or tulle as brigitte suggested or a very transparent layer of silver paint like a halo around the moon, or foiling - or some painted fusible? Too many ideas? sorry.

  4. I like what you've created so far and also the ideas you've already received. I use a lot of tulle although I don't think I've used any yet for a TT project. I'd probably choose the metallic paint as I think it would be easy to control and fade out to make a less noticeable edge or actually no edge. Glad you had a relaxing Thanksgiving weekend! We did too as with just the two of us I made a fabulous impulse buy at Whole Foods on Wednesday evening - Gardein's new holiday roast and gravy - it was delicious!