Saturday, November 10, 2012

Brainstorming Blues

In an effort to post more about the process of how I reach my end result, I thought it might be a good idea to begin at the beginning so to speak.  I'm not sure how the rest of you do it, but trying to come up with ideas, for me, usually involves some brainstorming.  For instance,  this  I thought of adding an "s" making "blues". Of course this led to thinking of music, which led to
Blue suede shoes.  So I googled blue suede shoes to see what images I could find that might be workable.  As it turned out there were quite a number. I could use applique and some FMQ thread painting with a bit of hand embroidery thrown in.

I also discovered that there was a musical group called Blue Delft.  Blue Delft? Isn't that a type of pottery?  more googling....
Ah...yes blue delft.  Now that might work.  I could try some dyeing with resist to create pattern that would resemble this.  Then I remembered that I heard about something called blueware. 

So more research and this is what I found.
Hey wait a minute.... Wedgewood is also blue.  More images for inspiration to seek out.
But is pottery or china the way I want to go?  Perhaps there is another train of thought to take.  There is also the idea of a "blue mood"....hmmmm....or "blue blood"......gonna check that out too.
Then of course there is Gainsborough's "The Blue Boy".  So this is the start of my "Blue" piece.  Brainstorming blues so to speak. 


  1. Fun Brigitte, this is exactly how it works for me too. Delft blue came to mind as I live 15 km from Delft and it’s so typically Dutch. Love the song Blue Suede Shoes by Ry Cooder!
    I wrote an essay during Art School about the use of blue in paintings, but I still searching for it! I think it will put me in the right direction!

  2. Your brainstorming is infectious.

  3. I think I have already pinned over one hundred pics in pinterest, so it looks like we all start in the same way. Wow - an essay - that would be a great find!

  4. yup - me too - one though leads to another and more research and off on tangents and before you know it I've got so many ideas I don't know where to start!