Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My beginnings

I had lots of ideas for 'Beginnings', but in the end the piece chose itself.  This piece was one that I was working on for my weekly/fortnightly videos and it just became beginnings.
It started as a collage, then I added the thread painting.  The scene is of a beach not far from where I was born (My mother, in fact, went into labour on the beach), so it is very 'My beginnings' in that sense, but it also was me going back to my beginnings with art quilting.  Landscape and thread painting.I think Iwould take uptoo much space if I listed all the fabrics I used, because there are a ton. I will post my video and some more info later about that.
Here are some close ups.
The little bay with bead foam.
Some of the collage background.  I knotted some of my basic embroidery on the top and left the threads loose for texture.
I put a few grasses in the corner as a foreground (needs more contrast, though).
Close up of the thread painting.  It does look awful this close, doesn't it?
A bit more of the collage and the frayed edge of the organza I did the thread painting on.
It's a bit different and a bit the same for me.  I hope you all like it.


  1. I'm betting that photography does not do it justice- the detail shots give me a hint of all that texture that make me want to reach out and touch it! Love the colors you used, and love the idea behind the piece.

  2. Oh, the subtle textures and colors are so inviting. Is this all hand work? A lovely choice of topics for beginnings and a fantastic fabric collage!

  3. This piece just begs to be viewed in person. I agree with Beverly that I want to reach out and touch the piece and get closer to look at all the wonderful hand stitching that you have done. With the thread painting you have done, I can hear the waves gently washing up on the beach! Oh I want to visit that locale!

  4. Love the colours Vicki! I think this quilts needs to be seen in person to see all the layers and all the details and texture.

  5. Gorgeous piece, Vicki! I love the color combinations and fibers... wish I could see this up close and personal!!! Beautiful mixed media work, as always!!!

  6. Amazing thread work Vicki and so much detail and texture. I really like your collaged design of the beach scene, really beautiful!

  7. I love all of the texture and materials you used to tell your beginning story!

  8. a wonderful little beginnings. Your collaged beach scene is so full of interesting textures, and the thread painting just brings it to life.

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