Thursday, October 9, 2014

Over Under, Over Under

Okay, I've got the next step underway on my process.  If you can't recall my inspiration, you can read about it here.

I recently returned from a retreat where we learned to design Celtic knots.  Ahhh; an epiphany!  I could design a knot to use as the "wreath".  So here is where I started;

Took a square of tracing paper, folded it horizontally, vertically, diagonally until I had what I thought were sufficient "wedge" sections to create my envisioned wreath;

cut a single wedge and drew several organic intersecting lines; refolded the paper square and inserted the single wedge within the folds and traced the lines.  I had to remember to "mirror" the image in every other section.  This is what resulted.  Hmm...not exactly what I was looking for; try again.

Next attempt; better

Try another one; also not bad

I discovered that the more wedge sections there were, the more complex the resulting knot.  Hmmm...I tried a few more.  Now I just have to decide which ones to use.


  1. This is amazing Brigitte. I certainly didn't know that was how it is done!

  2. cool! I like the second one! a bit different method than I've used in the past - I like it!

  3. only just find this post, yes I have used this method, sad really I made some bags for underwear and drew the design this way, then just quilted it did not use fabric as no good with bias strips

    1. Yes I also tried to make a knot with just FMQ. They turn out beautifully don't they.

  4. oh my goodness Brigette! I want to try this!!! (but my morning brain can't quite figure out how to trace this...) Love it!

  5. Neat technique! Have fun choosing!