Sunday, October 19, 2014

the design phase

Okay, so today was the day I started the design phase for our process challenge.  Having set my parameters as a wholecloth mini quilt, with a mandala and colour, I needed to come up with a plan.

To start, I took a plain piece of paper and marked a 16" square on it, and then quartered it horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

Next, using an idea I got from Lisa Calle - use your rulers to help you with the basic design,  I started with a 2.5" circle template and then grabbed my 6"curved ruler and started laying out some curves, using my registration marks as a guide.  Using the rulers means I know it will work with them when it comes to the quilting, and I'll be able to get nice sharp lines and angles.

A few more lines, a few more circles, and I think I've got my basic design worked out.

I think I can call that mandala inspired!  Now, what to do about colour?  I could go bold - using some dye pastels I picked up while visiting with Gina last summer -
Or see what I can come up with using thread.  The basic design is now transferred to a piece of white pfd (prepared for dye) fabric, just in case I want to add some colour other than thread! and some quilting ideas are penciled in.  All of this is subject to change once it goes under the needle...
Next step will be deciding if I'll include any trapunto - I'm thinking it is a possibility, then sandwiching it up and having some quilting fun with it!  That's my favourite part!

How are you doing with yours?


  1. I can see some amazing quilting on this!

  2. I love where you are going with this. Trapunto would be awesome.

  3. Hi Lisa, you've got so many blogs that I didn't know where to comment :)

    Wow, what a creative person you are - this place is just sparkling with brilliant ideas perfectly executed, great works!

    1. Hi Bozena, thanks for stopping by at our group blog!

  4. Oh yeah go for some trapunto too! Love where this is going.