Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Good on you Lisa

Just thought I should tell you all about Lisa being featured on C&Ts Creative Troupe round up for April.
They featured her 'Sunrise on the mountain' quilt.
You can read the article, here.  I really love the abstract quality of this landscape and hope some of this ability magically transfers itself to me.  Great work Lisa!


  1. Congratulations, Lisa. We have a celebrity in our midst!

  2. I too really like the abstracted landscape - beautiful! Congratulations Lisa and thanks Vicki for sharing this with us!

  3. wow, ladies, thanks... blush! I actually had NO idea that I was there!!!! thanks Vicki for the heads up!

  4. How wonderful Lisa! I like the technique you used to create that landscape.

  5. OMG Lisa that is yours...I saw this and thought hmmmmm how did she do this...it is wonderful and congratultaions.
    I hope you all bear with me while I get caught up....
    Yeah for you