Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Green Man

OK, now it's getting very late, sorry, I have been having trouble with my upload speed today. (The joys of the country)
I had lots of ideas for my piece, and you have all seen the back.

Well, I had an idea, one that I have had in my mind for over a year now, and so basically, I just made a collage on top of my little quilt.
It's very dimensional (seen here from the side)
And there are lots of different green fabrics ( stiffened with medium or PVA), then beads and buttons and yarn and thread, and a bit of paint and...nail polish
I don't have much green stuff left!
It's a green man.  Which I thought was a Celtic legend, but apparently it is found in most cultures' history.  You can read about it here.
And here he is looking at you!
As it is now very close to the witching hour over there (it's tea time Mon here), I will just post.
I am so impressed with all the other work, I felt a bit shy putting this one up, lol.  But it's what I wanted to do.
Only one more theme until it's MY turn (I have no idea)


  1. Why are you feeling shy Vicki, this is so beautiful and so detailed and there’s so much to see. Love your green man and I have no idea how you attached all the elements to the background.
    It feels like a theatre piece of i.e. Cirque du Soleil, the green man is about to get dancing!
    It’s definitely one of my fabourite quilts you made for TT!

  2. Oh Vicki!!! I love this Green Man!!! I wish I could touch it or see it in person! How did you ever get all of the goodies to adhere to it!? and did you stitch (like you see on the back) after all the goodies were on the front!? Inquiring minds would like to know!

  3. I agree with Nicolette, that it reminds me of a theatre piece about to dance! I'm glad you weren't too shy to go ahead and make this, as it's such fun!!!

  4. What a great representation of the green theme. I am glad you were brave enough to make what you felt like creating. I hope there will be details about the construction on your blog.

  5. Oh Vicki! Oh Vicki! The goose bumps are still running up and down my arms. What an exquisite piece! Like Lisa, I just want to be able to gently run my hand over the piece. All those bits to make something so imaginitive! I want to come play in your yard!

  6. Vicki, Love the 'mystery' in this. I always find you so inventive and thought provoking.

  7. how fabulous is this? I love your green man Vicki - you've captured him so well. I love the 3D effect and all the leaves and wonderful textures - bravo!

  8. Vicki, what a wonderful piece- that doesn't tell all its secrets at first look. Honestly, I looked at it a couple of times before I saw the man! He reminds me of the trees in Lord of the Rings- don't ask me the real name.

    I am glad you followed your heart on this one. You surprised mes, and the dimensionality is wonderful.