Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's time for...... Let's Make a Deal!!!!!

Okay, so this dates me a bit but I grew up in the 70s... watching American game shows like Let's Make a Deal!!!

Just for the record... I am NOT dressed up in some ridiculous costume right now!!!

I have NO money....

And am I NOT Monty Hall
(but I remember my college friend telling me that his dad grew up with Monty in Canada!)

let's make a deal!!!!

Do you want to see what is behind door #1?????

door #2

or door #3????

I found this challenge to be....

let's say, challenging!!!!

That is despite the fact that I proposed the green challenge theme!!!

But as you will see, the end product (or in this case, products)
are pretty simple in construction.

I actually had my first attempt go afoul!!!

 Show us what's behind Door #1!!!!!

project gone wrong 

 "Booooooo!!!" yells the audience! 

Yes, it was a hazy idea that didn't work out.

So one insomniac morning, I mixed up some dyes in bottles...

dyeing some fabric green

and trays... 

hand dyeing in a tray

and inspired by the new spring growth on the trees,

I came up with a new idea.
Let's see what is behind Door #2!!!!!!


a leaf close up!

... some free piecing and simple lines!

But I was in the mood to experiment
and an idea that had been brewing came to life
early one day (I often do things early!)...

A little repurposing...

challenge #6, green: Don't Throw Out!

 add a few pieces of stuff I saved (I tend to collect more than I use!) 
and some fused plastic bags...

challenge #6, green: Don't Throw Out!

and let's see what we have behind Door #3!!!!

 challenge #6, green: Don't Throw it Out!

Don't Throw it Out!!! 

So, when in doubt,
look behind more than one door...

Challenge #6: green...2 quilts!!!

or just make two quilts!!!


  1. What an interesting combination your two quilts make Lisa. My favourite of the two is the leaf; makes me think I'm taking a very cluse up view of the veins in a leaf. A bit closer and it could be microscopic!

  2. I'm not sure which one is better, I love the leaf, so simple yet so meaningful, (and I love leaves), but the recycled one is so you! I love them both, but since there are a few double ups what will we do for the grid, lol?

  3. I love both your quilts, even though they are completely opposite. The green leaf is beautiful in it’s simplicity and the ‘recycle’ quilt is sooo Lisa, fun and colourful! Great job!

  4. The leaf print is my favorite. What fun quilts! Missin' ya! xxoo

  5. Great quilts! I too love the simplicity of the green leaf but your 'don't throw it out' is so fun, so I'd choose both doors! (I'm also curious how you'll use quilt number one as I didn't hear any booing when I saw that door open!)

  6. Your enthusiasm just bubbles over into your quilt behind door #3! However, since I seem to have a leaf fetish, I am partial to the very effective, simple piecing and quilting of your leaf.

  7. these are both great - and there were no boos from this peanut gallery on the first door opening, either! I love the graphic-ness of the closeup leaf, but your re-purposed materials is just so fun, and oh so you! Great job!

  8. Lisa, I knew this post had to be yours...Just your style...Love the work and your perspective on everything. FYI: the leaf is my favorite but the recycle theme is a close second as I recycle everything...My friends laugh b/c I now have them saving old jars, scraps of fabric and paper and do it with the statement,"Melissa taught me this could be used to applique a heart, start or just an strip of color on my next project.