Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just getting green....

....and just getting started ...... I ran a 10 step color variegation after experimenting last week making a variety of greens. I was hoping that my not-so-exact measuring technique wouldn't ruin my run but I'm happy with my greens.
This week my Asiatic Lily bloomed! It has inspired the perfect 'green' orange that I may be able to work into this quilt.
Have fun everyone in our count-down days!


  1. Green and orange or some variation should be eye popping!

  2. love your run of greens! That lily's orange is just marvelous! My challenge is done as I'll be going away on Friday

  3. I’m impressed by your scala of greens. How do you succeed in getting those tones a bit darker in the same colourway? I would never have guessed that green and orange would work together so beautifully!

    One of my quilts is finished, the other needs just a little extra, not sure what yet.

  4. What a great tone range you have got!

  5. You got great results with your dye run! If you use that orange, it should indeed be eye-popping.

    I've off to finish quilting mine- I'm also leaving this weekend, so need to get it finished!

  6. Gorgeous colors Gina! I can hardly wait to see your quilt!