Wednesday, September 17, 2014

3 of 5 W's

What will I create?  Where do I begin?  When will inspiration strike?  Yup that's how my PROCESS usually begins.  

Where to begin; that usually takes place on the computer searching the internet for an idea, an image, a thought provoking article.  No luck so far.

When will inspiration strike; that usually happens when I'm down to the final days prior to the reveal.  Not this time though.  My inspiration came while looking through some old papers of my father's.  He was quite a poet, had written and stored quite a few, but never published them.  I came across an envelope marked "Please do this little thing for me."  I opened it and inside was one of his poems.  I won't recite the entire thing, but these lines inspired me.

Some twigs of cedar, birch and willow,
I like these for my spirit's pillow,
Then intertwine them, make a wreath,
adorn it with a maple leaf.
Then place the same upon a hill
and know, my spirit is here still.
--©  A.H.E.

What to create; hopefully a piece representing the picture created by my father's words.

Now some brainstorming is going to take place.  Stay tuned!


  1. Oh! how wonderful. It will be a piece to treasure. So poignant and beautiful!

  2. exactly what Vicki has said! What a wonderful poet your father was!

  3. how good to have found this poem and I am sure you will make a wonderful quilt with Dad `s poem as your inspiration

  4. Brigette... what a lovely poem! I work much the same way as you lol... but I am determined to start this week... the fall weather has me feeling ready to start!

  5. Wow, I'm so impressed by your father's poem. I can imagine how excited you are to have found it and now to take this inspiration to your quilt!