Thursday, September 25, 2014

First Step ...

.... in the process is brainstorming and there has been a storm going on in my head and I've put a few ideas from the storm into a sketchbook. I may not go with any of these as I'm still brainstorming and considering quilt ideas I've wanted to make in the past but here's where I'm at right now....

 ...a patchwork of pockets. I like pockets and the idea of creating a little quilt of pockets, seems like fun!
 I need to practice free motion stitching so a series of free motions would be good for me!
 Creating a scene from one of my many photos could be fun.
 Or using one of my photos of the many stone sculptures found on the beaches and trails I've visited.
Or another way to combine clay with fabric and here I thought of course using a teapot, one of my favorite forms.

Oh decisions, decisions....... I'm sure I'll add many more quick ideas to my sketchbook before I decide on a direction.


  1. all of them are fascinating ideas, deserving of further study - perhaps you'll create more than one before you're done?!

  2. Oooo! I like the idea of pockets! think of the things you could put into them. I'm curious to see where you take Gina.

  3. Wow. I can imagine sme sheer pocketswith meories or other things in them.

  4. some times the decision to go with one of the ideas is the hardest part of the process! some cool ideas are brewing...

  5. I'm liking the "process" .... sharing and getting feedback as we go is helpful. I may stop my brainstorming for a bit and explore the pockets a bit more before I move on. Thanks everyone!

  6. Ooooo! I like the idea of sheer pockets Vicki. Gina can you remember what you did on the cover of that notebook you gave me with the lavender bits. That technique might work for the pockets.