Sunday, April 3, 2011

it’s still feeling a bit weird

to introduce myself on ‘our’ blog with a quilt and a little story. It feels great to be invited by Diane and to become part of a wonderful group of very talented and experienced quilters / artists. I can’t wait to get started.

African Atarashii quilt front - started in October 2008 - finished in September 2009.

I only quilt for about 4 years, being mostly self taught. I’m a member of the Dutch Quilt Guild and of a small group (called one stitch back) that meets once a month at our LQS. I love to take classes and to join quilt clubs, which provides me of the needed feed back and tips and tricks. I also like to take part in swaps.

I could go on jabbering away about quilts, why I quilt and the split person I am when it comes to my taste in quilts, in fabrics and techniques, in patterns and non-patterns. Being this kind of chameleon makes it tough to choose one quilt that exactly reflects what kind of quilter I am.

African atarashii quilt back

I love to work on quilts that are meant to comfort people. I also love interaction, so I’ve organized some interactive quilt projects on my blog which were a wonderful experience and learning curve. These kind of quilts reflect me best for the quilter I am and want to be. But... I’m also a quilter that wants to make difficult quilts, needs challenges to stay focussed, to enjoy the process, because I get easily derived and bored.

The African atarashii quilt reflects that part of me. When you make an atarashii quilt, you need to think of the front and back of the quilt at once, so it’s a mind boggling journey. The quilt shows my love for colours, my persistance in getting things done, my wish to learn new techniques from all over the world and my love for these wonderful African hand dyed fabrics.

I hope these characteristics will help me to accomplish the challenges that we will embrase together!



  1. What a great introduction! Thanks for sharing your quilting experiences and your beautiful, reversible quilt.

  2. What a wonderful way of telling your story! Your work with the complexity of the atarashii quilt is very impressive. I love the vibrant colours!