Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thinking and Marinating

I am not an organized artist.  I don't use sketchbooks much, although I keep telling myself I should.  I enjoy working improvisationally- when the inspiration is flowing, it is great being in the zone.

So I started my research for Games.  I thought I'd end up doing something related to all the games I remember playing with my family as a child: card games, board games, you name it.  I have a plethora of possible inspirations.

But when I was writing the blog post to announce the theme, I vaguely remembered the title 'Games People Play.'  I thought it was from a movie, but when I googled the words, I got blurbs on Transactional Analysis and Eric Berne.

Although I haven't done therapy in awhile, I am trained as a clinical therapist.  I probably learned something about this in my many-years-ago grad school classes!  But the bits that I've read are sending me down a totally different path than what I'd first envisioned.  Mmm, finally my art and my professional training intersect.  This could be interesting!


  1. Sounds like we are all starting to choose our directions. And they are all different! I am really enjoying this

  2. Funny when I read 'Games People Play' I picture Sonni and Cher singing a song with those words!

    It is interesting how our pasts - professional and personal, influence our creative ideas. I'm curious where you go from this intersection!

  3. sounds very interesting and intriguing! "Games people play" keeps going through my head, as well, but with no concrete images associated, so I'm still definitely in the pondering stage!

  4. It]s a wonderful theme Beverly and it would be great if you can incorporate your professional and creative skills into something. I’m really looking forward to the process!