Monday, April 4, 2011

So Much In Common

Sometimes life has a way of throwing us an unexpected curve, but I am ready to post my introduction.

After reading all your introductions it seems to me that our common love of fabric, process and sharing will be a strong bond that will serve us well as a group. I was also impressed by how many of you mentioned having one or more relatives who sewed.

My grandmother and mother made quilts and clothing and as a child, I was always thrilled when I got a "store bought" item of clothing. I only wish their excellent seamtress skills had rubbed off on me.

My first quilt was attic windows and I was warned that it was not a beginners pattern, but somehow, with much encouragement from by husband and mother, I finally persevered until it was completed. I enjoy crazy quiliting because there is so much left up to the quilter's imagination and it is easy to take off in many directions and still come up with a unified whole in the end. 

My latest passion is making my own fabric either by using Transfer Artist Paper or printing directly onto fabric from the computer. My most recent series uses paper and fabric which I printed as well as commercial fabric. My piecing is straight forward and my machine "quilting" is mostly done with decorative stitches, but it does serve to hold the fabric sandwich together.

This quilt is part of a 12 by 12 series I am in the process of completing. The quilt will be attached to a wooden substructure and will have a wooden frame around the edge to finish it, much like a framed work of art.


  1. I love the way you combined your own created fabrics and commercial ones. I love this 12x12 quilt. I wonder, how do you print directly onto fabric from the computer?

  2. I love this, judy. I have been going to give printing a try for a while. I have really only printed out quilt labels and a few of my paintings onto fabric and you have given me the inspiration to try again.

  3. This is lovely Judy! I look forward to seeing your completed series!

  4. Fabulous! I love your printed fabric, and look forward to learning all your techniques from you, and the rest of the group!

  5. I've loved reading how we all came to this stage of our journey with cloth and thread. It sounds like we both enjoy making our own fabric- I'm looking forward to seeing your digital fabric in your creations!

  6. I like the floral images. I want to see some of the other 12.