Tuesday, April 30, 2013

bits and pieces

that's what my remnants challenge piece is made up of - the left over remains of previous projects. 

There were little bits from previous TT challenges - bits of the celebration fabric I printed for that challenge last year - bits of the background sky fabric used in the architecture piece.  In some cases the bits were too bright so the fabric was flipped over and the back was used.

I selected the brighter bits from my bags of scraps, and as we weren't having much of a spring at the time, I created my own - a nice bright yellow sun

and flowers reaching up to it
I had a lot of fun grabbing bits and piecing them together, creating as I went along.  Then the puzzle - how to piece these separate flowers and sun together into a single piece?  Add a bit here, trim off a bit there, slip this under, layer that over, and it was done!


the pieces all fit together.  Oh, but wait, I'm missing a bit of stem on the left.  More trimming, more piecing - now its ready.
some quilting -

ribbon candy

add a facing and label and it is done!
here comes spring
Here Comes Spring!
Thank you Brigitte, a great challenge!

(a few more progress shots can be seen on my blog)


  1. Love it! And what fun how you wrote up your post, the anticipation grew as I read!

  2. I love that we all seemed to go in the same direction, and I love what you've done with it! It's whimsical and makes me feel like spring! And, the icing on the cake is your quilting- stunning as usual!

  3. Janet, what a happy project!!! I love the colors and the quilting!

  4. Yes, your colours are very spring like and the quilting is amazing!

  5. A wonderful creative way of interpreting the theme Janet. The whimsy of the piece makes me smile and wish I was in the same bright cheery meadow as those flowers.

  6. I seem to be repeating what others have said, but delightfully whimsical was the first thing that came to mind. Spring just pops out all over!