Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Although the challenger gave us many wonderful examples of "remnants", my immediate impulse was to use leftover fabrics from other projects. Most quilters and fiber artists have an abundance of remnants in their fabric stash and it is always a challenge to use them in another project or maybe even give them away or toss them. This Tangled Textiles challenge seemed like a good opportunity to use the leftovers in a productive and perhaps creative way.

Many of these fabrics were left over from previous TT challenges. Many were digital prints on fabric, gelatin monoprints, or acrylic monoprints on fabric.

The leftovers were sewn together in strips in no particular order, the strips were joined to form a piece of fabric and then the piece was cut into various widths of approximately 18 inch long strips.

I had seen an interesting fiber art piece on the web which inspired me and for that I needed dark fabric interspersed throughout the strips. So I cut apart strips and inserted dark fabric of assorted colors and sizes and then began to arrange them on my design wall.

I arranged and rearranged for about a week and decided that my original inspiration was not working. I removed most of the dark areas and ended up with the work below. I had intended to make this piece in a rectangular format, however it ended up being square.



  1. This is great Judy, how you've put your remnants together and the touch of darks is perfect!

  2. I wish I could get closer and see all your fabrics, I love what you did with them. Gina's right, the touch of some darker values is perfect.

  3. A wonderful collection of remnants! I would love to play with your goodies!

  4. I love all of them. Since I don't actually have much quilting fabric any more, I love all of your colours and scraps. eye candy, indeed

  5. love this! The random piecing and the layout with the dark fabric are just wonderful. Using leftover bits and pieces just expands its story. The dark inserts just make the other pieces sing!

  6. Oh this is yummy! The addition of the dark fabric to your remnants make the piece just glow. Feels like the sun is shining through.