Sunday, August 24, 2014

A ton of colour

Well, Ladies, what a wonderful colourful challenge!  I was blown away by all of your pieces.
As I told you in my email, I was unable to complete my challenge.  My mysterious illness still continues and at present the doctors have no idea what is the matter.  I am slowly improving, but the underlying problem is still present and returns now and then.
I thought you might like to see where I was going with my piece before my setback.
My intent was to quilt grass shapes at the bottom and clouds at the top and to couch the flower stems on the monoprint with the fibres.  I might have added some colours to the buds with some inktense, and some text somewhere.  Anyhow, that's where I got to.

I will leave it a week or so to post the next challenge!


  1. I do hope the doctors can sort things out for you soon! This is a wonderful start, and I hope to see it finished.

  2. I hope your health issue is resolved soon! I like your start here and look forward to seeing it again and also what you have planned for us next. Be well!

  3. The details you plan on adding should finish this off nicely. I particularly like the contrast between the leaves and textured background.

  4. Thanks for sharing your work in progress! I adore the monoprint. Sending you lots of healing energy!

  5. I can see your vision Vicki! I like your idea of adding the grass with thread sketching to the bottom. Using the fiber for stems is ingenious. I look forward to seeing the finished piece when your illness resolves. Sending "health vibes" your way!!