Sunday, March 18, 2012

Frayed around the edges

you've got
and you've got
and if you're not careful, the edges start to fray
This was my response to the balance challenge presented by Judy.  This idea came to me very quickly, but it took until Friday for me to actually make a start!
The straight line quilting through the work section indicates the structure that exists there - it is a pretty controlled environment, with a known objective.  The Mctavishing through life expresses my desire for a more creative outlet.  But, I've learned that you have to maintain this balance or things start to fray.  I work on this balance everyday, otherwise the fraying takes over!

Thank you Judy, I enjoyed this challenge!


  1. A very well balanced and lovely quilt Janet! Your quilting is outstanding, as always and I love the frayed edges! It’s hard to keep life and work balanced!

  2. So well done, with the control of the central quilt contrasted with the fraying edges, and such beautiful quilting!

  3. Janet, this is simple and graphic, and really portrays the theme well! Love your quilting (no surprise there!), and the 'frayed edges' just complete the picture!

  4. Another frayed edge quilt! You guys are more daring than me. This quilt really is just about balance. It shows contrast in everything, colour shape, line form and texture. A masterpiece, Janet

  5. What a wonderful interpretation of the theme! I love its simple form and your quilting is wonderful!

  6. Janet, ... ... ... ... it leaves me speechless! You have managed to express the theme with such simplicity of form, yet with such a strong colour contrast. I love this piece!!

  7. So simple, yet so effective. The stark contrast between the black and white fabric, the bold words and the delicately beautiful quilting make a very strong statement.