Sunday, March 18, 2012

I made it.... barely!!!!

As I feverishly put on the finishing touches of my latest challenge quilt....

I am reminded
(once again)

"Life is a Delicate Balance"

Tangled Textiles, challenge #5: Balance

Aye Caramba!

I never thought I would get this challenge finished!
The theme was deceivingly easy but it took many weeks to finally come up with my idea!!!
That was in between some travel to Florida, to Toronto, 
and last night, 
I returned from a bus trip to Lancaster Pennsylvania
for a quilt show and plenty of shopping (that is for another blog post)!
I spent a whole lot of time on the bus chatting with friends while I stitched!

this quilt is done completely by hand
(that is, no machine was involved!).

The figure...

close up of... Me!

which is meant to resemble me...

(you think??)

was created using my hand painted and hand dyed fabrics
which I hand appliqued onto the background hand dyed fabric.

Then, I decided that I would use some of my lettering skills
that I have recently been working on in
Joanne Sharpe's online Letter Love 101 class.

Tangled Textiles, challenge #5: Balance
(many of my commitments)

With a pencil, I lightly wrote out all the letters
to be used and embroidered with Perle 8 cotton....

Tangled Textiles, challenge #5: Balance
(many of the activities that I try to squeeze into my day!)

and some of Laura Wasilowski's
hand dyed variegated embroidery floss.

I tried to blend those x's from the list of my commitments 
with the scattered lines of my favorite activities
together over top of my curly mop...

Tangled Textiles, challenge #5: Balance

to represent that fine balance that I am always trying to achieve and maintain.

Albert Einstein said,
"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving."

But sometimes, it is best to get some sleep!
Good night everyone!


  1. Lisa, i think you have nailed down the life balance idea. I love all your stitching and especially the lettering, which you are getting very good at. I can't believe you stitched all the lettering. I see a lot of bright colours - you guys are definitely in need of spring.

  2. This is super Lisa! Love your hand dyed fabrics and wow, all hand stitched; impressive! (ps great quote)

  3. Lisa, your fabric is gorgeous, and all the handwork just adds to it. I think you've captured the balancing act that is your life very well!!

    Your lettering is perfect- I think the class has paid off!

  4. Oh this is so you, Lisa. It displays your life balance very very well. I see some influence for Laura Wasilowski in your piece. Your hand applique is impeccable!

    PS tell us more about the Lancaster Show!

  5. When you said you were going to do the entire project by hand, I thought how will she ever get it finished? This colorful, graphic statement really sums up the delicate balance our lives. Good grief and you hand stitched all the lettering!! Three cheers!!

  6. You've done an amazing job Lisa - all that hand work - wow! Incredible! Your lettering is perfect - I can't believe you stitched it all by hand. And yes, you caught your likeness very well, and the wonderful balance that is your life.

  7. Love to see your beautiful letters in this amazing quilt! All done by hand, wow, you have lots of patience and perseverance! The lovely hand dyed fabrics add an extra to the quilt!

  8. Wonderful, awesome creative work! Love the lettering and how this is a true representation we can all relate to,.