Monday, March 19, 2012

Hey! George Washington and I have something in common!

Green is our favorite color!

I have been thinking about my turn as the 'theme selector'(it is a serious role!)
for some time
I have finally decided that the theme for challenge #6 is...

Tangled Textiles' challenge #6!

In preparation for this post,
my research has made me realize that green is quite a versatile word!!!!

According to, the  word, green, can be:
1.  a noun, 'a color intermediate in the spectrum between yellow and blue.'
2.  an adjective, 'not perfectly developed or perfected in growth or condition; fresh, new', 
3. a verb, 'to restore the vitality of'!

The word, Green, is used in may phrases/idioms/words, such as...
green with envy
green around the gills
green thumb
(...I could go on all day!!!)

How about a plate of green eggs and ham?!


There is even a city named Green in Ohio! Cool, huh?

There is wonderful website I found while researching my challenge theme
and it has a wealth of information about how the color affects us physically, 
as well as the cultural/religious/political associations of green.
You might find some inspiration there!

Kermit the Frog, long known for his color, confides that it is not easy being green...

Even so,
it has become more popular to "Go Green." It is a term used to describe the process of changing one's lifestyle for the safety and benefit of the environment. According to there are 3 changes most people make to "go green." They begin sustainable living, use environmentally friendly (or green) products, and they begin recycling and/or reusing as many products as possible.


As I look at the calendar for May, 
the weekend of May 19th is really, really not a good time for me.
I will be in costume-chair-for-the-spring-dance-performance overdrive!!!
So, in order to maintain my sanity and ensure that I, too, will be done on time,
I am going to give the green light (ha, Icouldn't resist!) for
challenge #6 reveal date to be: May 27th!


  1. Great theme Lisa! A very versatile word indeed - now to start pondering my options...

  2. I agree, great theme and thanks for the all the green info and a trip down memory lane with Kermit!

  3. Oooh, amother one to have fun with! Love all the information you gave, and I will have to check out the website. And, the frosting on the cake is that green is my favorite color too!

    Thank you for that extra week, I will take that green light and run with it!

  4. Ooo a great theme Lisa! Hmmm will have to do some serious researching for this one. Hope I don't get green around the gills. Sorry I couldn't resist either. LOL!

  5. Yes, well, I think my stash can cope with this one no problem. Only thing is, as usual, too many ideas... ooh there goes another one, I will have to have my pencil in hand for a while to catch 'em all

  6. Ohhhh Lisa, my least favourite colour and my fabric stash of green is very thin! It will be fun however to discover all the meanings of green and to find one that suits me.
    We have a long weekend off here on the 26th, 27th and 28th of May, so I might need to get my quilt done earlier.

  7. I love Kermit's song! This should be a fun challenge.