Sunday, March 18, 2012

Off-Balance and TIPSY!

Tipsy, 16 X 16
Hand dyed and commercial cottons, machine pieced and quilted 

I had so much fun with this challenge!  I enjoyed doing the freeform piecing over Christmas, so decided to use that for this challenge.  With the word balance, I immediately went to the meaning in art.

As I played with my ideas, I wondered if I could give the viewer the sense of being off-balance at the same time creating a work that is balanced artistically.  I'll leave it to you viewers to decide if I succeeded!

My palette is partially drawn from a quilt I made for my daughter years ago, and by my desire for COLOR after the browns and grays of a Utah winter- even a mild one!

I love circles, and wanted to use curved lines in my quilting to offset the more straight edges of the piecing.  So I sprang for a gadget for my Bernina that allows me to sew circles.  It was definitely worth the money.

So, no deep meaning in this one, just plain fun. 


  1. This is really beautiful Beverly! I feel like I'm looking through a modern stained glass window out to lush green foliage. I think I have one of those circular gadgets stashed somewhere in my sewing room .... I'm inspired to search for it as your circular quilting is lovely, a perfect contrast and balance to your straight lines.

  2. I love purple, and I love purple and green even more, although I hardly ever use them. I love your perfect circles as well. It might be a fun quilt, but it is also gorgeous and full of detail. I would love to se it in person, I expect it is even better.

  3. Your use of complementary colors plus black and the neutral really are effective and enhance the strong graphic quality of the piece. The circle quilting provides a nice contrast to the geometric elements.

    I toyed with the idea of using the circular attachment to quilt the piece I did not use and may still attempt it.

  4. Beverly, this is gorgeous in its simplicity and its wonderful colors. I don't know about this circle gadget... do tell!

  5. Oh these colours are so rich. I'm entranced by your use of them. You have such a wonderful sense of colour in all of your pieces, but I especially like this one. With the circular quilting, I am reminded of rain drops falling into a stagnant pond where the balance of life within it can be so fragile.

  6. wonderful rich colours, so well balanced - I love your freeform piecing, and it is perfectly balanced with the rest of the composition and the circular quilting.

  7. Love the improv piecing and of course the circular quilting! There’s a nice balance in use of colours and composition. I love Brigitte’s idea of a stagnant pond!