Monday, January 28, 2013

A Blue Delft Tragedy

Like so many of the others I had a hard time deciding which direction I should take for this theme.  There were so many options some of which I had listed on a previous post.  After several searches on Google and some more brainstorming, I finally decided.  This little picture helped with the decision.
During my searching I remember coming across a band called Blue Delft.  However there is also Delft pottery.  The blue images adorned tiles as well as various pottery shapes.  All I had to do was select a shape then go to work.  Somehow the "blue" theme also reminded me of the sad faced masks from tragedies.  So I traced one and then enlarged it.

I found this fabric and thought it was perfect.  I could fussy cut it and applique it to the mask shape.

I had to figure out how to get the shadow on the mask and at the same time have the blue flowers on the mask show up.  Well first things first....trace the shadow onto separate sheets of paper to create some templates.

Then there were templates for the other features. I tried several different fabrics but thought I would be able to get the best result by using organza for the shadow. But how do you cut up the organza so that it doesn't fray....
with a wood burning tool.  It works beautifully.  So now I had all the pieces for the mask, but what about the background.  A grid for a sense of tiles for the background would be good.  The grid was created with blue satin ribbon, and some added little details.
After a few additional experiments and some free motion quilting I finally had my piece and....
TA DA!!!  A Blue Delft Tragedy!  I learned some valuable lessons with this one.  You can see those on my blog.


  1. What an interesting journey you took for this one -- love the use of Delft blue/pottery/tiles. Really worked out great.

  2. It’s a stunning and labour intensive quilt, Brigitte!

  3. What a great creation. I love the way you linked the two ideas and created a many layered interpretation

  4. This is great Brigitte! Your inspirations and techniques are so interesting and you put it all together just perfectly!

  5. I think you win the prize for the most original interpretation of the theme. Vicki is right, it is a many layered interpretation that invites the viewer in to get a closer look. Well done!

  6. WOW. Don't we always learn something new from our latest creation. You really have a creative way of coming up with a unique idea! Wonderful!!!