Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Plan A

  Ice blue!


dyed fabric

this does not say 'ice blue' to me!!! 

You go on to Plan B...


And working on a Plans C, D, and E

just in case!


  1. too bad - but at least you've got a few new pieces of hand dyed. I hope plan B,C D or E works - I know it will - you always end up with fabulous projects!

  2. That ice blue blue may look like ice but probably not blue! Too bad but glad you have lots of optional plans. I too am confident any one of your plans will be perfect!

  3. I read on your blog that you dyed these fabrics by hand. Did you use other dye than usual? I kind of love that subtle ice blue!

    I’m changing plans again and again. My head is too busy with all sorts of stuff, so I need to make a choice that makes me feel confident about.

  4. Good to see you up and going, lisa. I think I might have an idea, a new one. we will see