Monday, January 28, 2013

Woven Blues

I ended up taking the literal approach to 'blue' and dug out all the blue fabrics I could find, sorted them into various piles.....
I chose a few that I liked together and added a couple of accents pieces.
I decided I wanted to so some fabric weaving so played with my tablet sketchbook feature doing various 'cuts' and finally cut a simple pattern from paper and cut my pieces for weaving....
Pieces woven together....
I liked that they created pot-like images but they also created fish-like images ..... hmm, which way to go?
Final direction could come later, for now on with the quilting. I used machine patterns for the edge stitching along the 'seams' and then free motion quilting for the squares. I'm enjoying the much needed practice I get with these challenges!
Now for the embellishments.... so many decisions, but I decided that I would add some clay pieces ... but which ones and where?
 A fish? At the bottom or the top?
 Pots with embellishments?
The pot direction won and I decided to put the buttons in the lower area where I felt the center of interest was. After sewing them in place I'm not sure I made the right decision. Perhaps I should leave it without embellishment....
But for now here is my finished Woven Blues..... 
Thanks Beverly for another fun challenge!


  1. Oh my goodness Gina, I love this! I thought about weaving too but didn't. Love your stitching ad quilting!

  2. That is an amazing woven quilt Gina! Love it!
    Your blues are very beautiful and I love your idea of incorporating some clay! (love the fish at the bottom in the blue water waves!)

    How on earth do you get those wonderful wavy shapes? Is there a special cutting technique to get the pieces sewn together laying flat?

  3. just beautiful Gina! I love the colours you chose and how well they all work together. The addition of some of your clay pieces is brilliant. I thought about weaving too at one point, but went in another direction.

  4. As I was scrolling down I was hoping you would go with the pot option. This piece is beautiful and the embellishments look great.

  5. Oh Gina! This is such a creative interpretation of the theme! Your colour selection makes the piece just shine! I see you switched the placement of the buttons, and I like the end result the best.

  6. This is wonderful, Gina. I really like the 'punch' the addition of the terra cotta provides,the ambiguity of the shapes, and the texture of the quilting and machine embroidery. And, I like the embellishments! I'd say you hit a home run with this one.

  7. I had also thought about weaving, but decided against it for now. The simple, graceful shapes and the detailed quilting make for a very dynamic creation.

  8. Gina, this is wonderful, I love how you have combined two things you love into the one idea. It is so great to see how you made your decisions along the way. The buttons just make it and give it that extra special personal touch